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Skyhoundz World Championship Qualifier '08
The Bernisse Cup

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The season starts for EDF & Skyhoundz Europe with a WK Qualifier!!!
First competition of the year will be organised by Endless Dog Fun and
will take place at Heenvliet
(Zuid-Holland) NL
Further information will follow but visit also:

Click on the photo for the location

The schedule for the WC Qualifier weekend.

 - The earlier planned camping is come to decay because of the bad condition 
of  the grounds what as camping had been indicated. 

- Saturday afternoon 5 April '08   from 12.30: Clinic given by Peter Bloeme 
The costs for this clinic will be 50.00. 

 - Saturday evening 5 April '08 from 19.30 hour: Festive opening of the WC Qualifier. 
This evening there is the possibility to have dinner, drinks and a social gathering 
with  the participants and the jury. This evening is accessible for everybody,

(of course consumptions are for your own costs)

Sunday 6 April '08 from 08.00: Secretariat open , hand in the music
 from 09.00: Handlersmeeting 
 from 09.30: Start competition


The Jury at The Bernisse Cup will be:

Peter Bloene (USA)
Hilde van Durme (Belgium)
Reint Elzinga (The Netherlands)
Birte Grieblinger (Germany)

Donations are always welcome and can be done on bill number 570309840,
Endless Dog Fun  under indication from  Donations and name.