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Second Edition European DogFrisbee Festival
4 days DF festival, in 4 countries, starting on 19 April & finale 30 Augustus '09
Kathy Miller and Ruckus Trophy 2009

By clicking on the picture you can read who Kathy Miller was
and why this show of respect is held every year. 


1st playday of this 4 days during DogFrisbee Festival, on 19 April '09 te Heenvliet
 (Zuid-Holland) NL, organised by:  Endless Dog Fun

For pictures taken during of this very nice day look here
EDF-KMRT09, Simon-KMRT09, vanessa-erwin-kmrt09  en Sven-Stefaan-KMRT09

For the endresults of every contestant

Made possible by:  Stichting de Paardenmarkt Heenvliet.
C-point reclame belettering, Cupido's Foto Reportage's
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Look for further information about the gameschedule, countries and information: KMRT

KMRT organizing DogFrisbee clubs Europe:

1st day  -  19 April '09  -  Endless Dog Fun  NL 
 2nd day  -  12   Juli '09  -  Off Hand Duisburg  DE
    3rd day  -  16 Aug. '09  -  FlyingDogs Hungary  HU

  4th day - 30 Aug. '09 - Final  on the  event "Dag vd Hond"
Organised by: DogFrisbee Fanatics  BE
                           Belgian K9 Disc Heroes  BE
                            Wet Tails - K9 Disc Team  BE

Sponsor of the entire festival : Flying Disc World

Click on the picture for the 1st game area

"The Kathy Miller and Ruckus Trophee"   will become a yearly competition,
 with only one extremely important goal.


How will we try to achieve this? Very simply, as this competition is not 
format-bound, and apart from the classics, there will be a lot of fun parts, 
and by this the competition will have no influence whatsoever on European,
 of World listings.

Of course there is free entry, and the competition is open for everybody,
 disregarding whether they are a clubmember or not. The entry fee is held low 
by choice, and the return of the competition will be donated to a good cause.

Because of the big number of fun parts, even good players will be surprised, 
and we are quite sure there will be surprising winner.

Game components

The competition is spread over 4 days, with on each day, one classic component, 
and 2 or 3 fun ones. Of course it is our intention, and our hope that you will enter 
yourself and your dog in as many components as possible, but we dit not make 
this a necessity as there are of course dogs and handlers who f.e. do not do freestyle.

Each component will have its winner, and at the end of each competition day, 
the winner of the day will be rewarded. After the 4 days, we will calculate the 
overall winner, by adding the points of all the components, 

Each component will be scored with 15 points, the winner getting 15 points, 
and the 15th 1 point. The components where there are 2 handlers, each handler 
will get the allotted points.

The Overall Winner will become famous, or infamous, by having his name on our
 fantastic trophy, and of course he/she will also get a fantastic trophy to take home.

Registration from  9.00 o'clock -Start at  10.00 o'clock - Finish at 17.00 o'clock

1st day  NL:
Distance Accuracy Only
Obstacle Course
Time Trial 
Hot Zone

Click for other days and there components here

The following explains shortly the different components:
Every component is played 2 times. Pups can only play DA and Timetrial.

* Distance Accuracy Only
Distance/accuracy 90 seconds, field skyhoundz diamant shape.

* Distance Accuracy Only pups
Distance/accuracy 60 seconds, field skyhoundz diamant shape.
Rollers are also allowed. (Lines at 5m)

* Obstacle Course

In the middle of the DA field stands 2 big pilons with a tube. These stand 
approximately 5 meters from each other.
You must throw with a curve round 
this obstacle at the square behind it. Between the startline and the square is
20 meter The dog has to catch the frisbee behind the pilons to get 1 point. 
If the dog catches the frisbee in the square you'll get bonus points.
Time: 90 seconds

* Time-Trial
2 valid catches over 20 meters in the shortest possible time.

* Time-Trial pups
2 valid catches/rollers over 5 meters in the shortest possible time.

* Hot Zone
2 circles of which the outer circle is divided in 5 equal parts and one inner circle.
 You have to start with part 1, and continue up to part 5. As last catch your dog has
to catch the disc with the 4 paws in the inner circle. Catch: if your dog catches a
disc in the hot zone during the game, you have to start from 1 again.
Time limit 120 seconds.

Donations are always welcome and can be done on bill number 570309840,
Endless Dog Fun  under indication from  Donations and name.